Out of control cops, take n+1

Hello all.  I’m on the road again this week at March ARB near Riverside, California.  It’s been quite hectic, and in reality the very last thing I’ve got time to do right now is write a blog entry.  However, something in this morning’s news struck me as rather outrageous, as so often happens when I make the mistake of noting what goes on in the world.  It involves another idiot, and it occurs to me that the very best thing I can do in terms of dealing with such idiots is warning the world about them.  After all, the more bloggers put someone’s name on the internet, the more likely it is that a Google search for that name will turn up something interesting!

Today’s idiot: Massachusetts State Trooper Michael Galluccio.

A Boston couple, the wife in labor with contractions spaced about three minutes apart, were driving in the breakdown lane of a major freeway.  Several other troopers had waved them on, advising caution but otherwise causing no problems.  Such laissez-faire law enforcement would not do for Trooper Michael Galluccio, though. He stopped the couple, made them wait while he finished writing a ticket to another motorist, and then cited them for a traffic infraction, costing them five to ten valuable minutes while the pregnant woman continued in her efforts as pregnant women are wont to do.

Here’s to you, Trooper Michael Galluccio, you idiot!


  1. What a jumped up little hitler!

  2. I hope he gets cancer

  3. Mike you always were a Donky even in the military. Get over yourself now that your a “TROOPER”.

    Nice to see you’re making a name for yourself! Out of hundreds of Staties in Mass you do something that could have gotten everyone in that situation killed, you, the baby and her parents. Thats right keeping them on the highway for that ticket was the smart thing to do.

    Get a new job, NOT IN THE MILITARY EITHER!

  4. Trooper Gallucio. Oh dear. I hope you aren’t married, otherwise you are going to hear this for the rest of your life. You are the embodiment of the phrase “ass hat”. Your lack of compassion is only surpassed by your self-important god-complex ridden ego. Do all the MA citizenry a huge favor, and take a new job.
    Considering your social skills and level of judgment, IRS agent might be a fitting occupation.

  5. Oh dear what a plonker!

  6. Some people just get off on their tiny amount of power.

  7. Was the cop correct to pull them over? Yes, they were in the breakdown lane.

    Was the cop correct to keep them when they relayed the facts, given that childbirth can go very bad very quickly? NO. He should have assisted them with an escort. Instead he disregarded her safety, with rudeness, and if not blatant malice, then gross negligence.

    I wonder what other unheard of incidents this cop has done in his career.

  8. Assholes generally aren’t available for comment.

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