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I’m Scott Johnson. I am the author of this blog, and the sole person responsible for its content. Any opinions expressed in this writing are my own. Facts presented here are accurate and correct to my knowledge at the time of publication.

I live in New Bern, North Carolina with my wife, Allison, who is one of the world’s finest teachers, and a menagerie consisting of (at last count) six birds, one dog, and two cats.

I am a professional audio engineer, employed by a well-known and respected manufacturer of broadcast audio consoles and routing systems. My career in audio spans nearly 35 years. Since 2012 I’ve also been lending my skills as sound designer and live sound engineer to several local community theatre companies.

My other skills and pastimes include the handling and training of parrots and cockatoos, bicycling, boating, ham radio, and traveling.

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  1. Thanks for your exhaustive report on popcorn. I was really sad to hear that it was not nutritious as has been stated.

    I love popcorn and bought an inexpensive bag from Walmart. The first few times were fantabulous. Light, fluffy, not chewy.

    I had stored it in the fridge, and yesterday, it was awful — chewy.

    I use the hot air cannister by P??? — an old American name.

    Anyhoo, I bought Orville R.- yellow — from Walmart today and was truly disappointed. It too was chewy. Fluffy but chewy. Returning it tomorrow. During past years, I was buying the bagged microwave type and it was never ever chewy. But my microwave broke down and I don’t really use it that much.

    Orville yellow is “gluten free.”

    R U certain there is not nutritional value? How sad.

    What is the best healthy munchie between meals that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m a young senior citizen, past 80 years!

    Thanks again, and would love to get ur feedback.

    I’m in Mtn View — Stanford — Palo Alto area, California.

    I air pop it and it does come out fluffy but its chewy. Yuk.

    ida m. lee

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