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It is an awful-sounding word, and the thing it represents is even worse. It is, as I write these words, eating away at the very life of my beloved cat, […]

Wanting to implement some better spam-control measures on the blog, and having been duly tantalized by some new features that have been announced, I today took the big plunge. I […]

Some of you may know that I am a lifelong student of accents. I pride myself on my ability to detect, recognize, and often mimic most US regional accents. It’s […]

Atlanta has the densest concentration of criminally stupid drivers in our nation. I am reminded of this fact every morning, and this morning was no exception. Today, as I drove […]

A quick update to let everyone know that I’m finally getting settled in. The living room has a place to sit, a working TV, and a lamp. The bedroom has […]

The last three days have sure been an ordeal for me. I had hoped this was going to be a very easy process, but fate intervened in a variety of […]

This blog post fulfils the assignment i once consumed cheese at You can rate it here. This assignment is very silly. The last one had potential, and I really […]

This blog post fulfils the assignment Aspects of socks not suitable for children at You can rate it here. SOCKS, along with most firewall-related software, has several aspects that […]

I am so incensed with my experience this morning with Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance that I am going to share it. At around 10:00 this morning, I was interrupted in […]

I read with dismay an article in today’s local newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (Since the AJC requires registration to access news stories on their site, I will save you the […]

This entry was written offline, and is backdated. Today’s journey began at sunrise … 7:30 central time. After a brief stop for coffee and sustenance at my favorite Texas fast […]

This entry was written offline, and is backdated. Today begins my cross-country odyssey to return friend BC’s van to its California home, and in the process transport myself to his […]

I am completely at a loss to understand the canonical “business uniform”. I have to go to Virginia tomorrow to demonstrate my employer’s systems to a group of people from […]

I have heard a lot of things about twelve-step programs, positive and negative. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have helped millions and I would not, for one second, impugn their […]

Just days after installing the Movable Type software for the new blog, apparently the spammers found me … and went to work quite fast! In the first couple of days, […]

Last night was spent working very late, on kind of a sad project. My friend Jerry, a songwriter and producer of note, has a studio in his basement that is […]

Welcome! With some help from SimonG and a few other folks, my blog is now in new quarters, running on my own site using Movable Type. The look of the […]