It has been brought to my attention that when it comes to blogging, I am a malingerer. To that, I would just like to say… Guilty. I have a very […]

I have once again managed to get myself infected with some form of horrible virus, this time a respiratory one. Guess it explains why the Claritin wasn’t really doing much […]

Why are some major highways called “Turnpikes”? I’ve always wondered about the origins of that word. To me a turn is a change in direction, and a pike is what […]

My web hosting company for is To be fair to them, they’ve served me well for over a year now with almost no downtime. However, if you’re thinking […]

A couple of folks left comments about my nomination of “The whole nine yards” as an annoying phrase. I said that I thought few people even knew what it meant. […]

Dateline London: The Plain English Society today declared that “At the end of the day…” is the most annoying cliche’ in the English language. In this office, there is one […]

That’s flattery, Henry, I’m not just copying your style. 🙂 I felt compelled to write something here because it’s been days, and I’m neglecting my blogging responsibilities. I had a […]

Aside from a day spent pulling my remaining hair out to get an impossible amount of work done in a mere eight hours, my birthday was very nice. Thanks to […]

OK, this is going to be weird for a bit. The good news is that the width problem should be fixed, but things still look a little dodgy if you […]

Henry the Thirst recently brought to light that some of you might not be seeing the right half of the text of my blog because of a problem with the […]

I am sick today. Sick, sick, sick. I was going to stay home, but my wife decided that she is a “sympathetic vomiter” and was getting too intense about the […]

There hasn’t been a lot of blogging time for me the last few days. Having scheduled an important demonstration in Minnesota for next week, I went to pull together the […]

One of the fascinating things about interacting with people in other countries is that sometimes, you need a dictionary to determine just what’s been said about you. I have done […]

I have been feeling a bit stressed the last few days, one of those rough times we all go through. I didn’t feel much like going for a big lunch […]

The American Highway Users Alliance released a study today naming some of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the US. Not surprisingly, three of them (including two of the top ten) […]

Thanks to Henry and Trouty and the Man de Mer for your kind thoughts. I visited friend Jerry in the hospital this afternoon and came away greatly relieved. While the […]