Arduino Graffiti

The display, as of today

A few days ago, I decided to see what a little microcontroller like the Arduino could do if I connected it to the Internet. Using the LCD display from my stopwatch project, I decided to set up a display that would act as the world’s smallest graffiti wall. I set up a form on my web site where people could enter their two-line messages, and devised a way to get those messages to the Arduino via the Internet. I’m not entirely satisfied with the solution; I’ll probably continue to tinker.

Intrigued by the whole idea and unwilling to wait until I’d perfected the thing, I decided to announce it on Facebook and see what happened. I put the display next to my living room TV, plugged into a wired Ethernet port.

The responses were wholly entertaining. In fact, I was having trouble convincing myself to go to sleep because I’d miss some really funny stuff. So, I modified my php code to also log the entries as they were displayed.

Here they are, for your enjoyment. There are no dates or times, and no one knows who wrote these pearls of wisdom except the authors themselves.

beans make
you toot!

All your base
are belong to us

Avoid Hangovers
Stay Drunk


morning Scott!
From Hampshire

Neverput jam
on a magnet

Never put jam
on a magnet

Scott is SO COOL
-from David W.

I made you. Go 2
church. - God.

boy howdy this
is fun 

Wonders will
never cease

Good morning
Mr Phelps

This just in...
Water is wet.

Tougher than
Twitter! -TTwine

Follow the white

has anyone seen
my pencil?

yo Scott! I bet
it's crazy lol

Why r u watching
Playboy Channel?

The amount of
text is not enou

Rock on
You total geek

Geeks and their

Your wife is the

Bet you're not
looking now!

Could say he's
picture perfect!

Super Bowl 46
is February 6!

I don't like

Scott is SO COOL
says LCD display

Keep SOPA off


And there you have it. The form’s still active … have fun!

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