A Fresh Start

I hate digging up new WordPress templates, but I thought a slight change in the look of the blog was in order, because I’m changing some other things, too.

You’ll find some content gone. In some cases it’s gone because I never should have written it. In other cases, it’s gone because it’s depressing. In any case, it’s gone and won’t be coming back, so that’s behind us.

I’ve also gone through some of the old content that was unfinished. I had a number of blog entries sitting around that I’d started some time ago, and never got around to finishing. I finished a couple of those and they’re posted below. I put a bit of work into a few more that are still unfinished; you’ll probably see them soon. A couple of those articles are going to be very difficult for me to post — one of them makes a revelation that I have held onto for many years, and which will probably not make people like me very much, but it’s time to stop holding it in.

Sorry for the downtime. All this work needed to be done and I’ve had precious little time to sit down and do it. You’ll see more here in the future, if I can manage to discipline myself to write regularly.

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