Blog Duality?

OK, this is going to be weird for a bit. The good news is that the width problem should be fixed, but things still look a little dodgy if you access the blog through my web site at It’s still quite readable, though, which is all I really wanted for the embedded version. I will work on making it look more like itself … real soon now.

The really good news is that I’ve got a much better style sheet working at which includes links and lots of other bells and whistles. I think it would be best if anyone linking to my blog use that address, as it’s the direct route and probably a bit faster. I’m still puzzling a bit over the weird way that livejournal handles styles … two entirely different systems of customization, both totally proprietary, and neither one makes a darned bit of sense to this seasoned programmer-type, but perhaps it’ll click eventually.

At any rate, thanks for bearing with me as I get this whipped into shape. With all the technical craziness out of the way, maybe I can think of a proper blog topic before the day is out.


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