Yet Another New Layout

Wanting to implement some better spam-control measures on the blog, and having been duly tantalized by some new features that have been announced, I today took the big plunge. I upgraded WordPress from Version 1.2.1 to Version 1.5!

It was a bit of an adventure, but I made good backups before I started, so I wasn’t terribly worried about blowing things to smithereens if necessary. As it turns out, that did become necessary. Also, my snazzy Rubric template didn’t translate well into the new “Themes” system used in WordPress 1.5, so I had to choose a new one and suitably tailor it to my needs. I think I’ve got things pretty well reassmebled now, but if you see anything amiss, kindly e-mail me so I can fix it.

I have now installed what is described as a foolproof anti-comment-spam plugin. I hope everyone will have no trouble commenting now. If you do, please cut and paste whatever error message you get, and send me an e-mail so that I’ll know. This means you, LordHutton. 🙂

There’s lots to talk about, especially my recent bout of hairlessness, but it will have to wait just a bit longer. Stay tuned.


  1. I’m honoured Scott
    Fab looking site. Well done.
    Hairlessness? Better speak to Henry.
    I thought you were due over here?

  2. Excellent, it worked! 🙂

  3. so this is now a ‘henry is balding’ site, is it?
    well, we’ll soon see about that.

  4. I can only see the bottom half of the title, so it looks like it says: My Lite, Take II

  5. ooh, I was toying with upgrading. Is it hard?

  6. Thanks, Me … I fixed that.

    Sixty: the upgrade itself was not hard, but to do it safely you need to back up your whole wordpress directory, and also the sql database. That can be a bit involved. Also, 1.2 templates do not work under 1.5, so you will either need to extensively rebuild your template or just select a 1.5 “Theme” … once that’s done, though, customizing is a snap with the theme editor.

    All in all I’m happy with the upgrade.

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