I’ve decided that if I’m going to get serious about this blogging thing, I’d better find something more robust than blogger.com to make it happen. I was browsing on slashdot […]

I am getting increasingly concerned about cheese. Last night i was in the local Kroger, getting some sandwich stuff, and as I searched through the various packages of sliced, yellow […]

Anyone who knows me is well aware that since 1984, I have been an avowed Macintosh hater. In fact, I would have hated the silly things long before 1984, except […]

I found a new web site today, devoted to something called Thinging. No, that’s not singing with a lisp, but something else entirely. A bloke named SimonG has put together […]

Well, it’s been a while since I created this blog. I’m not quite sure what I should be doing with it. I had originally intended to write here almost the […]

This is the first post in what promises to be an incredibly boring, stream-of-semiconsciousness sort of diary/journal.