Yes, this is another one of those omnibus blog entries, comprised of several things that are on my mind lately but aren’t meaty enough to be entries in and of […]

Fly the airplane.

I used to be a pilot. I don’t fly anymore for medical reasons but in my heart I’m still a pilot. My pulse quickens when I smell jet fuel or […]

For reasons better not discussed, the subject of marital infidelity has been on my mind lately. It’s something I have an unusually strong intolerance for. Don’t get me wrong. My […]

Yet somehow, I managed to do it, and I am ashamed and angry with myself. It’s the first time ever. July 18 this year was another frantic day. I’d just […]

The other night, I came home feeling really, really stressed. Some things had gone wrong, and I just couldn’t relax. Allison suggested I have a bit of Scotch. Thinking that […]

Did you ever have a love/hate relationship with a song? There are several songs that are like that for me. This is about one of them. I have always loved […]

BradyI think disgraced Patriots quarterback Tom Brady deserves a little credit as an educator. After all, if it weren’t for him, there’d be a lot more people in this country who have no idea what the Ideal Gas Law is. PV=nRT for the win! 0

themoreyouknowNever reveal your weaknesses. Your friends already know them, your enemies will use them, and to everyone else they’re just background noise. 0

The word “friend” sure has taken a beating in the last decade or so. As a member of the generation that actually saw the advent and rise of social media, […]

Working on Working

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to work on a really terrific musical. “Working” is based on a book of oral histories by Studs Terkel, and it’s a […]

As a result of some really crummy things that happened because of a Facebook post last Friday, I decided to unbook my face, at least for a while. It’s interesting […]

A conversation on Facebook reminded me this morning of Bam-Bam. I wrote this account as part of a larger post in 2004, 12 years ago. I’ve sanitized it a bit, […]

Big changes.

Raymond Burnes, Allison’s son and the young man I have proudly claimed and loved as my own family for 9 years, has come to the decision that he’s going to […]

Sometimes I wonder what the great poet Robert Burns would say if he were alive today. I mean, besides, “OCH! Le’me oot of this box, ye rascals!” Last night, sitting […]

Just for a minute, because I need to vent. If you don’t like bare souls, this’d be a great time to click away and find a funny cat picture or […]

In Search of Popcorn

Since I was a kid, I have loved popcorn. I’m crazy about the stuff. I remember making it with my family, enjoying it while watching movies or just the regular […]

It’s been a while, Dad. Nigh on 30 years, I guess. I’m telling you, Dad, the way the world has changed in those three decades is something you’d have to […]