Blog Therapy Revisited

[NO. I am not seeking attention with this post. Don’t feel compelled or even expected to say anything. There’s stuff in my head that needs to come out, and sometimes […]


Allison and I were recently having a conversation about the different kinds of friendships we both experience. Some of the people we know clearly like us very much, for various […]


An airplane flying in trim is a truly beautiful thing. It exemplifies balance in all its forms. An airplane trimmed for straight and level flight will maintain that straight and […]

Today, April 18, is my mother’s birthday. And as with my father’s (July 18), every year around this time I get a little morose as I sift through the memories. […]

DEAD BIRD BEND by Scott Johnson In River Bend the vultures flew, Their numbers strong and proud. And on the water tower in the morning they would crowd. On broad brown […]

The origin of the following text is unknown to me. I’ve seen it in many forms on the Internet. While I do not know who wrote the original version, I […]

What would you do if you lost your soul somewhere in a vast, dark, featureless emptiness? Would you panic? Would you flail around for it, perhaps simply knocking it farther […]

The Last Five Years

In August of 2012, a couple of years after my career brought me to New Bern, North Carolina, one of my co-workers came into my office to discuss something. He […]

There was a time, long before cell phones, answering machines, cassette recorders, and other devices, when most people were shocked when they heard their own voices. It wasn’t because of […]

We all make choices.

Life is all about choices. Sometimes bad things happen and we can’t do anything about them. Other times, our own bad choices doom us to their consequences. As a sound […]

I’ve been noticing lately that there seem to be an unusually large number of trite “crutch” words used in news stories, both in print and on the air. These are […]

Yes, this is another one of those omnibus blog entries, comprised of several things that are on my mind lately but aren’t meaty enough to be entries in and of […]

Fly the airplane.

I used to be a pilot. I don’t fly anymore for medical reasons but in my heart I’m still a pilot. My pulse quickens when I smell jet fuel or […]

For reasons better not discussed, the subject of marital infidelity has been on my mind lately. It’s something I have an unusually strong intolerance for. Don’t get me wrong. My […]

Yet somehow, I managed to do it, and I am ashamed and angry with myself. It’s the first time ever. July 18 this year was another frantic day. I’d just […]

The other night, I came home feeling really, really stressed. Some things had gone wrong, and I just couldn’t relax. Allison suggested I have a bit of Scotch. Thinking that […]

Did you ever have a love/hate relationship with a song? There are several songs that are like that for me. This is about one of them. I have always loved […]

BradyI think disgraced Patriots quarterback Tom Brady deserves a little credit as an educator. After all, if it weren’t for him, there’d be a lot more people in this country who have no idea what the Ideal Gas Law is. PV=nRT for the win! 0