What would you do if you lost your soul somewhere in a vast, dark, featureless emptiness?

Would you panic? Would you flail around for it, perhaps simply knocking it farther away? Would you wander aimlessly trying to find it, maybe wandering far away from where you lost it? Would you risk trampling on it, kicking it, destroying it in your desperate efforts to regain it?

Would you somehow find your way out of that frightening, dark void, and emerge into the light knowing you’d left something behind that was a part of you, something that was you, something you could never be again?

Or would you sit down, the ground being the only constant thing you could feel and know, and try to feel safe, or at least rooted, in the moment? Would you hope against hope that in that trackless plain of blackness, your soul would somehow find you?

If you find the answer, let me know. My eyes are blind, my ears are deaf, my compass is broken, and my heart is without a soul.


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