Sometimes I wonder what the great poet Robert Burns would say if he were alive today. I mean, besides, “OCH! Le’me oot of this box, ye rascals!” Last night, sitting […]

Just for a minute, because I need to vent. If you don’t like bare souls, this’d be a great time to click away and find a funny cat picture or […]

In Search of Popcorn

Since I was a kid, I have loved popcorn. I’m crazy about the stuff. I remember making it with my family, enjoying it while watching movies or just the regular […]

It’s been a while, Dad. Nigh on 30 years, I guess. I’m telling you, Dad, the way the world has changed in those three decades is something you’d have to […]


That beautiful girl to the left is Penny. I’m told her full name is Penelope P. Piddlesworth, but I’ve never called her anything but Penny. The title of this post […]

I want to go back. I miss the cool, late summer nights of my early teen years in Virginia, lying in bed, the only light coming from the pilot lamp […]

CDAA footprint

Taking road trips to see interesting things is something that’s as natural to me as breathing. I think a lot of people are probably wired that way; it’s just my […]

Remember Lawrence Baker? Back in March of 2012, I had never heard of the fellow, but he put himself solidly on my radar by threatening my life and livelihood through […]

I found myself with a Saturday that was completely unspoken for this past weekend, and Raymond expressed a strong desire to get out of the house for a while. We […]

I hate digging up new WordPress templates, but I thought a slight change in the look of the blog was in order, because I’m changing some other things, too. You’ll […]

[I started writing this article over two years ago. I’ve finally taken the time to go back and clean it up, removing some content that didn’t make sense anymore and […]

In the world of live sound reinforcement, it seems that a multitude of small bands, worship teams, and musical groups are forever striving for that coveted, “crappy” sound that’s become […]


I’ve been giving a lot of thought over the past few days to the nature of the music industry. Most of that thought has probably been provoked by the show […]


People who know me in any way other than casual acquaintance are probably well aware that my favorite musical is RENT, but to call it my favorite musical is to […]

I was listening to music in my car on the way to work this morning, and realized that of all the things that are important to me about having a […]

Lawrence Baker

I was plugging along at work yesterday, minding my own business, when suddenly my e-mail alert sounded. Someone had posted a comment to my employer’s blog, which I manage, and […]

Miscellaneous Thoughts

It’s a strange world. Thanks to a blogger or two, the name “Santorum” has now become a neologism, tied to a disgusting definition that turned this writer’s nearly unturnable stomach. […]