Brown’s Ferry Brown is my latest chili recipe. A meaty, flavorful chili with medium-low heat and low acidity, it uses both dried and fresh ingredients. The recipe is designed for chili […]


Many have tried to analyze comedy, but to date, I don’t think anyone’s ever described just what humor is. It shows up in the oddest places, as it did for […]

Arduino Graffiti

A few days ago, I decided to see what a little microcontroller like the Arduino could do if I connected it to the Internet. Using the LCD display from my […]

What happened to the ammeter?

Last night I found myself driving my car home in the pouring rain, splashing through puddles and wishing my windshield wipers had an “emergency overdrive” setting. A design flaw with […]

Arduino Counting Breadboard

I’ve always been a bit of an electronics geek. I got that tendency honestly; my father was a tinkerer, too, and quite adept with things electronic. Aside from building the […]

Chances are that if you’re reading this, it’s because of a redirect. In fact, if you look in the address bar above, you’ll see that you’ve arrived at, which […]

I’ve been having trouble keeping my eyes dry for the last few days. The reasons are complicated, but have everything to do with the fact that my uncle, John Milton […]

April 12, 1981. In a classroom on the second floor of “B” building at Western Albemarle High School, I, my friends David Sparks and Kirk Steele, and a number of […]

The Cast of 'Emergency!'

The ring tone I use on my cell phone at present is one that never fails to attract attention. Some don’t recognize it, and from those people I generally get […]

[The regular reader will recognize much of this material from two pieces written six and seven years ago. I’ve joined them and added a bit of new material, not because […]

[Adapted from a note posted to Facebook.] The Batesville Store, formerly Page’s store, is closing. This saddens me more deeply than I can express. To its new owners, and to […]

On weekday mornings, I generally start my day by watching HLN’s Morning Express with Whoever Happens To Be Filling In For Robin Meade This Week. While the program airs a […]


It really was just curiosity that made me do this. I’m seeing QR codes (the name for that ugly binary object you see above) everywhere now. One of my employer’s […]

I sent the following to the President of Virginia Tech today. If your thinking is in phase with mine, I would urge you to do likewise. They’re making a mistake, […]

I seem to be having a spate of nightmares. I’m not sure what’s caused it, but it is making the idea of oversleeping manifestly unattractive. I’m fascinated with the mind’s […]

25 years ago yesterday, America lost seven brave people in what can only be described as the worst tragedy in the history of America’s manned space program, the Challenger disaster. […]

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately ruminating about truth. Truth used to be everything. “Honesty is the best policy.” “A man is only as good as his word.” […]