I’ve been having trouble keeping my eyes dry for the last few days. The reasons are complicated, but have everything to do with the fact that my uncle, John Milton […]

April 12, 1981. In a classroom on the second floor of “B” building at Western Albemarle High School, I, my friends David Sparks and Kirk Steele, and a number of […]

The Cast of 'Emergency!'

The ring tone I use on my cell phone at present is one that never fails to attract attention. Some don’t recognize it, and from those people I generally get […]

[The regular reader will recognize much of this material from two pieces written six and seven years ago. I’ve joined them and added a bit of new material, not because […]

[Adapted from a note posted to Facebook.] The Batesville Store, formerly Page’s store, is closing. This saddens me more deeply than I can express. To its new owners, and to […]

On weekday mornings, I generally start my day by watching HLN’s Morning Express with Whoever Happens To Be Filling In For Robin Meade This Week. While the program airs a […]


It really was just curiosity that made me do this. I’m seeing QR codes (the name for that ugly binary object you see above) everywhere now. One of my employer’s […]

I sent the following to the President of Virginia Tech today. If your thinking is in phase with mine, I would urge you to do likewise. They’re making a mistake, […]

I seem to be having a spate of nightmares. I’m not sure what’s caused it, but it is making the idea of oversleeping manifestly unattractive. I’m fascinated with the mind’s […]

25 years ago yesterday, America lost seven brave people in what can only be described as the worst tragedy in the history of America’s manned space program, the Challenger disaster. […]

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately ruminating about truth. Truth used to be everything. “Honesty is the best policy.” “A man is only as good as his word.” […]

Faith vs. Greed

This blog will probably surprise pretty much everyone. I have, to my knowledge, never written anything of this sort before. Religion and I have had what can only be described […]

Mike McGowan

Remember Mike McGowan? He’s the smug school system spokesman I’d never heard of until the last Cherokee County school board election, when he put himself on my radar with a […]

2011 has arrived. The year that was seems to have flown by so quickly for me that I’m still feeling a little jetlagged! It’s been a year of tremendous change. […]

I read a fairly well-presented blog (http://daryllang.com/blog/4421) in support of the NYC Mosque last week. Its author opined that the only reasons left to oppose the project are bigotry and […]