Lawrence Baker, Part 2

Remember Lawrence Baker? Back in March of 2012, I had never heard of the fellow, but he put himself solidly on my radar by threatening my life and livelihood through a comment on my employer’s blog.

He had finally quieted down after last year’s craziness, but he’s apparently back, even though I’ve taken no action in months. He’s sent an e-mail to my employer, accusing me of slander. Let’s look at it! (The names of my employer and most other players have been redacted to protect the innocent.)

Office Manager and Owners of [EMPLOYER]:

I am writing to you about a very ugly subject—slander.

My name is Lawrence Baker and I am the inventor of “Low Pressure Turbine Dynamics” and the models of that concept are the “Baker Wind Turbines”. My concept and models are all about science and the advancement in wind energy technology.

One of my models has been accepted, on its’ own merit and in spite of the slander, by a prestigious science laboratory for empirical testing.

I am a skilled craftsman and work on my models in my shop and have no interest in, or time to, post rebuttal blogs to the slander attacks. I do however; respond with comments on my youtube videos.

One of the slanders is your Scott Johnson who is a bigger fool than the original fool slanders and has joined with them in their attack on me. I suppose I am old fashioned, but what kind of fool accepts a mans’ apology than makes an enemy out of him by joining in on the slander against him on the losing team? What kind of fool thinks that he can get away with slander without repercussions? That brings us around to [redacted] and my advice to you is that you had better get control of your fool or he is going to involve [EMPLOYER] in a fight that does not concern them—any more than it concerns fool Scott Johnson.

It is to hot to work in my shop so now I am setting in front of my computer and taking care of the low class fools. It’s easy; I do not have make a poster of the fool pig Scott Johnson with a caption below it “This [EMPLOYER] fool thinks that Penguins should wear pants in the zoo because they are indecent” Ha. Ha. And post his fat ugliness all over the net.

It was through Scott Johnson that I learned of anonymous [redacted] identity and his ownership of defunct us-vawt which lead to partner [PERSON] at [COMPANY] and partner [YET ANOTHER PERSON] at What is it about geek fools that they think that they can get away with a slander attack against someone else? It must be the new generation of losers to inherit the USA.

Dishonest fools are easy to expose and honest members are taking action against the partnership and are declining to sell [COMPANY]’s junk garden ornaments as wind turbines at – taking down their closed discussion threads and changing the discussion rules where members can’t attack non members and their threads are for members only and not spread all over the web. sponsored slander is coming down, us-vawt is exposed and defunct and that leaves only Scott Johnson and his slander.

Yesterday I posted a comment on one of my video sites that are linked to us-vawt and and I first mentioned Scott Johnson as an employee of [EMPLOYER]. Do you want to fight? You probably do not want a fight any more than I do. I am just defending myself, but by the same token, I am kicking ass.

Here is a copy of my post:

Google “Baker Wind Turbine” and you will see slander threads and blogs from no model [PERSON] defunct us-vawt, [PERSON] and Scott Johnson a fool geek employee of [EMPLOYER]. I have enduring science models; they have nothing more then un-enduring low-life slander.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer.

Like I said, I am old fashioned with honor, I can only presume [EMPLOYER] is as well. You may all be as low class as Scott Johnson, your actions and time will tell. Please get control of your fool employee and tell him to take his shit down before he embroils [EMPLOYER] in this scandal.

Well, at least there are no death threats this time. So far.

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