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I was plugging along at work yesterday, minding my own business, when suddenly my e-mail alert sounded. Someone had posted a comment to my employer’s blog, which I manage, and it had been flagged for moderation. I needed to log in and either approve or delete it.

The comment was on a blog story where my writer interviewed me about my history in networked digital audio. The story was accompanied by my picture. The comment read:

Author : Lawrence Baker (IP:,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
Now that I know where you get your bread and butter, 
you fat son of a bitch, I’m coming after you shit bag! 
You will never be able to hide from me and I am going 
to break you if it takes the rest of my life! -HuH- You convoluted geek creep!


At first, I didn’t really pay much attention to this, but reading it a second and third time, it started to become disturbing. He knows I’m fat, he knows I’m a geek; what else does he know? I decided it was time for some research.

First, I did the polite thing. I replied to his comment.

Mr. Baker,

Thanks very much for your comment, quoted below. I will 
be forwarding it, along with any other information I can 
gather, to your ISP (Frontier) and to the FBI. Have a 
great day.

     Scott Johnson


Lawrence Baker

Next, I decided that it was time for some research. I had never heard of Lawrence Baker until this comment arrived, so I started with the Gmail address he’d given. I found it everywhere. He’s posted a long-winded, rambling diatribe about some wind turbine he’s invented (the Baker WInd Turbine) to every wind and alternative energy forum he could find, attaching that e-mail address in the open. That’s not smart on any of several levels.

Some of his online profiles carry a picture. As posted, it’s completely unrecognizable, backlit, with the face hidden in shadows. That didn’t seem fair to me, so I ran it through photoshop and modified the contrast curve. Hello, Mr. Baker — bet you didn’t know all that detail was there!

He mentioned, and at first I thought that was his web site, but visiting the forums there, I was surprised to see that he’s only a member, and that he’s been banned for going on insulting, inflammatory rants there.

Finally, doing some searches for his name AND mine turned up a clue. Some other fellow named Scott Johnson has apparently been following Baker around on the forums, and posting that Baker’s turbine is nothing but a scam. Ignoring for a moment that my namesake probably has a point, it seems likely that Mr. Baker, being the type to shoot first and ask questions later, has probably come to the ludicrous conclusion that I’m the one attacking his invention.

Mr. Baker is also widely known on a host of edgy political web sites, and expresses some truly eye-catching opinions there, too, in addition to further showcasing his bad temper and windy tendencies.

Regardless of the value of his invention or the truth of his claims, it became entirely clear to me that Lawrence Baker is a wack job of the first order, and that made his threat at least minimally credible. With that in mind, I visited the FBI / IC3 web site and filed an official report. I also sent e-mails to the security and abuse departments at Frontiernet, the ISP used to post the threat as evidenced by the logged IP address.

I also sent e-mails to several of the people he’s gotten into altercations with on the various forums, looking for additional information, and I’ve informed the administrators of two key forums what this fellow is up to.

I’ve sent e-mails to several Scott Johnsons in the hope of locating the one who is the true object of his hatred; perhaps that Scott can shed some light on why Mr. Baker is “coming after me.”

Mr. Baker, by all accounts, makes his home in the city of El Granada, California, even though the IP address indicates a Kingman, Arizona locale. I imagine he was using a proxy. However, the man was crazy enough to leave his actual phone number on several forum posts: 650-218-9434. That number does resolve to El Granada and areas nearby. He also has a business name, “Baker Wind Turbine Engines,” although a quick search for business licenses in the area produced no hits.

This whole thing spooked me a bit yesterday, but today that uneasiness has turned to anger. I can’t believe that this loser would threaten me, not even knowing who I am beyond a name that dozens if not hundreds of people share! He has cost me time and energy, and that makes me angriest of all.

I’ve heard nothing more from our friend in the last 24 hours, but in my spare time, I’m still researching. Stand by. 🙂

UPDATE: 4/2/12, 7:03 AM

I received an e-mail over the weekend from Lawrence Baker. While it still fails to recognize the gravity of his actions, his e-mail does represent a genuine apology and expresses remorse for having made this mistake. I’m willing to accept that, and I consider this matter closed. This blog entry, however, will stay where it is.

This was a mistake, to be sure, but it did happen. It seems very likely to me that such threats may again be directed at people who speak out against Mr. Baker’s invention or discredit his work. In fact, the “real” Scott Johnson, wherever and whoever he may be, should probably be checking his six on a regular basis. Should he stumble upon this, I think it’s important that he know the backstory.

UPDATE: 6/6/12, 7:03 AM

Mr. Baker is apparently up to his old tricks and is threatening other people. There was, until recently, a discussion thread on the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine forum at, where there were warnings about his activities. One forum post even linked to this blog, which I thought was a good idea. However, it seems that Mr. Baker’s gotten to the people, too. The entire thread recently disappeared quietly without notice. While I can’t for the life of me understand why they would choose to shield and protect the same lunatic they recently banned, I can see no other reason why they’d eliminate potentially important warnings. This warning will remain, at least.

UPDATE: 7/18/13

This guy just doesn’t give up. After being warned to communicate with me no further, and advised that his best defense was to stay off my radar permanently, he’s on another rant. This time, apparently afraid to contact me directly, he’s contacting other people, and telling them to pass along his threats (the last of which says he’ll “fillet me out.”)  I guess you just can’t fix stupidity.

UPDATE: 8/1/13

And now he’s trying to get at me through my employer. The saga continues here.


  1. I emailed him yesterday and haven’t gotten a response. I am thinking of leaving his number on various websites. Maybe NAMBLA

  2. You can also forward the threat to his local police department. I’m sure they would be interested, and should they choose to not act, if he does do something crazy like show up on your doorstep, that’s a lawsuit against his city or county or whatever right there. Just a thought. Nutbags scare me because they are unpredictable.

  3. Did I mention that I am enroute to CA as I type this? And that I have an entire week to take the kiddos on a road trip?

  4. Nice. The man is clearly an absolute ass-hat. Hope his turbine never takes off (aha. see what I did there?)

  5. I love dingleberries. They are like cactuses or a mean cat. They are so prickly and laughably hostile while at the same time oblivious to their own lunacy, that you have to pet them and torment them a bit.

    As many folks know, I am a big shooter and love gun shows (yeah second amendment!!). Unfortunately, you run into a lot of skinheads, militia folks, and paranoids at these (not as many as you might think, many shows are populated with collectors, mom and pops that just love the hobby, hunters, etc). I LOVE screwing with those guys. I had one skinhead telling me the mudpeople story (look it up sometime if you’ve never heard it) and so of course I acted enthralled and asked if the Flood was to dilute them. I am also the guy that went to a diner deep in Warren Jeffs territory and ordered only after consulting my hat.

    So the moral of the story is that sometimes I think folks like this jackass exist only for the amusement of others. Of course, you have to remember I generally keep a .45 locked and loaded on or near my person at all times, so I don’t particuarly have much concern about nut jobs.

  6. nice one man. you must be a courageous guy. saw ur post on . i was too jobless. searched for the guy. and this blog was on top.
    nice work

  7. I am mr bakers most recent target. He seems to believe that I am Scott Johnson. However apparently I have done plenty to make him upset on my own. I corrected his physics. Gasp!

  8. I am Lawrence Baker and yes I did send the email to Mr. Scott Johnson and as referenced it was in regard to a cowardly blind-sided attack against me by discussion and its moderator one sjh7132: later positively identified as [Redacted] of the phony web site

    I immediately apologized to Mr. Scott Johnson when he informed me that he had nothing to do with and the cowardly attack. It was a case of mistaken identity and Mr. Scott Johnson could have dropped it right there but he had already filed this bog. I also informed Mr. Scott Johnson that I was in the wrong for accusing him and would take my punishment for the misidentification. Does that sound like a nut-job to you?

    The nut-job is [Redacted] and his cowardly slander attack (I am not the only one he has anonymously attacked) which I have taken him to task over with the warning on my You-Tube videos.

    • BEWARE: and are PHONY domain names ran by a geek. They have no product or the ability to produce a product, yet the geek has started a slander campaign against my honest efforts to advance wind energy science.
    Have any of you been attacked anonymously by a faceless person and how would you like it? The only web site I have been banned from is the discussion in my defense of [Redacted]’s slander. There is your nut-job.

  9. Mr. Scott Johnson I have not even looked at your bog until today. I was straight up with you and apparently you are not being straight up with me. So whose behavior is worse mine or yours? At least I was honest with you.

  10. Baker, you don’t know when to quit. Did you really think I’d let you use my blog to continue your own smear campaign? If there’s one place on the entire Internet you ought to know you’re not welcome, it’s here.

    This blog was left up, as I stated, to warn others that you’re very likely to continue to be a pain in the ass if not a genuine menace, and you are now proving that I was right to do so.

    I haven’t touched the blog in months nor have I had any further contact with you. I haven’t gone around pointing out any shortcomings of your work, either, but if I see you here again, I might find it worth my time to start.

    If you’re this unhappy about having one detractor, I’m guessing you might not want twice the headache. Your call.

  11. I was honest too. Not one thing I have written is untrue. Don’t go away mad — just go away.

  12. Anyone who is interested in what my ‘slander campaign’ really is can check out the us-vawt web page. There is a link at the top called something like “US-VAWT a false domain name?”

  13. It should also be mentioned that regarding the ‘cowardly attack’ on that Mr. Baker came to the forum by his own choice. When it became apparent to me that he was going to embarrass himself, I offered to continue the conversation in private so it wouldn’t be in the public record. He declined.

    The entire thread is visible at . The highest number page is the first. Page 12, the second page has the offer.

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