I am sick today. Sick, sick, sick. I was going to stay home, but my wife decided that she is a “sympathetic vomiter” and was getting too intense about the whole thing. She wanted to divide the house into halves and have me stay in mine while she stayed in hers, and I just couldn’t deal with that and be sick too. I decided to try and drive to the office and not let it slow me down, but by the time I got here, the motion of the car had made my nausea so much worse that I now don’t think I can leave. My wife seems to think I’m endangering my colleagues by being here, but I don’t think I’m contagious, just ill and in pain. It feels just like the various times I’ve had food poisoning … I don’t remember eating or drinking anything unsafe, but who knows. The guys at the grocery stores make minimum wage, and aren’t too concerned with whether or not I get sick.

I called my doctor and he wants me to come at 2:45 which is a little over three hours away. Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep perfectly still, sipping tiny amounts of water, and hoping I can keep things calm ’til then … but these stomach cramps/spasms/whatever they are are pretty tough to ignore.

I hate being sick.

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