The old-fashioned, biological kind of virus

Did you ever notice that when someone says, “I got a virus”, they’re almost never talking about the biological kind anymore?

According to my doctor, a virus of the old-fashioned, analog sort was the cause of my acute misery last week. As microorganisms go, it was quite a tenacious one. I remained utterly, commode-huggingly useless for the better part of three days, and was a bit unsteady for one more day. Fortunately, my condition was one of those for which doctors can prescribe the really good drugs. I took something called Phenergan, which greatly attenuated the nausea and also greatly attenuated me! I slept through the worst of it, I think, and arose wobbly but well.

Today is catch-up day, and I’m trying hard not to think of how many loose ends I’m going to have to tie up, how much explaining I’ve got to do, and how much of it I’m not going to get to before quitting time.

If you’re wondering why this entry is so short, that’s why. Go read Henry the Thirst’s Blog, he’s been much more interesting than me of late!

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