Well, here I am, blogging from the company’s new headquarters, just one mile north of the old one. My entire life (well, at least my professional life) is contained in […]

Well, it’s moving time. The management of our company have decided that we’re moving, about a mile up the road, into another office space. I have spent the entire morning […]

A few days ago, after visiting the World Trade Center site in New York, I wrote an ill-advised blog, which you’ll still find further down the list. I haven’t deleted […]

I didn’t feel like coming back to the hotel tonight and needed to keep busy. I decided I’d go walk around a bit. I thought a good place to start, […]

OK, this is a chain blog. It looks like fun, though, so I’m passing it on. It came (most recently) from illusio. “I want everyone who reads this to ask […]

I went across the street tonight to a grocery store to buy something for tomorrow’s breakfast. The company credit card was declined. Apparently payroll isn’t the only thing this company’s […]

Work here in New York is going well. In fact, it’s gone so smoothly that my biggest problem is actually back at the hotel. I think I’ve got it solved, […]

It’s been a long, strange, and trying week. Trying to catch up with work which piled up during my last trip has been a struggle, and tensions at work have […]

Despite several hours of recent exposre to the Manilow Virus, as Dr. Omally would call it, I managed to rally and have a reasonably decent weekend. Some local stupidity did […]

I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It might be the light of an oncoming train, but at least that’s something, isn’t it? Despite the persistent feeling […]

I miss knowing that my best was always good enough. I miss my cat, Tony. I miss my birds, Phoenix and Sammy. I miss self-esteem. I miss not being alone. […]

Yes, it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I have been very depressed, and I hate writing depressing things. No one wants to read them. However, I thought […]

It has been brought to my attention that when it comes to blogging, I am a malingerer. To that, I would just like to say… Guilty. I have a very […]

I have once again managed to get myself infected with some form of horrible virus, this time a respiratory one. Guess it explains why the Claritin wasn’t really doing much […]

Why are some major highways called “Turnpikes”? I’ve always wondered about the origins of that word. To me a turn is a change in direction, and a pike is what […]

My web hosting company for kd4dcy.net is dreamhost.com. To be fair to them, they’ve served me well for over a year now with almost no downtime. However, if you’re thinking […]

A couple of folks left comments about my nomination of “The whole nine yards” as an annoying phrase. I said that I thought few people even knew what it meant. […]

Dateline London: The Plain English Society today declared that “At the end of the day…” is the most annoying cliche’ in the English language. In this office, there is one […]